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H.M.S. Scarborough


H.M.S. Scarborough 1962
Whitby Class Type 12 Anti Submarine Frigate

This website is dedicated to all those who served in the HMS Scarboroughs throughout the ages. It describes the type of vessel, its armament, where it served and the main events it took part in. Any errors are the webmaster/site owner's and can be reported via this online form.

Battle Honours
La Guaira 1743 - Louisbourg 1758 - Quebec 1759 - Atlantic 1939-44
North Africa 1942 - North Sea 1943 - Normandy 1944 - English Channel 1944

SCARBOROUGH Ketch 10 gun, 94bm*, Scarborough 2.5.1691. Captured 12.1.1693 by two French privateers in the Irish sea. Retaken 1694 by HMS York and HMS Dover. Did not re-enter service with the Royal Navy.

SCARBOROUGH 5th Rate 32 gun, 374bm, 105 x 29ft. Woolwich Dockyard 15.2.1694. Captured 18.7.1694 by the French off north coast of Ireland. Renamed Duc De Chaulnes; recaptured 15.2.1696. Renamed HMS Milford. Rebuilt 1705 as 421bm. Wrecked 18.6.1720 Cape Corrientes.

SCARBOROUGH 5th Rate 32 gun, 391bm, 108 x 28.5ft. Parker, Southampton, 1696. Captured 21.10.1710 by the French on coast of Guinea; recaptured 31.3.1712. Renamed HMS Garland.

SCARBOROUGH 5th Rate 32 gun, 416bm, 108 x 29.5ft. Sheerness Dockyard 5.1711. Served Russian Convoy, West Indies, Took part in alleged engagement with Black Beard (Edward Teach) in the 18 gun Queen Anne's Revenge off the Island of St. Vincent 1718(Unproven). Rebuilt Deptford, 1720 as 6th Rate 20 gun,378bm. (See below)

SCARBOROUGH 6th Rate 20 gun, 375bm, 106 x 28.5ft. Deptford Dockyard 1720/24. Served North America 1724 - 1728, Leeward Islands 1729 - 1731 North America 1732 - 1736, Sold Deptford 1739.

SCARBOROUGH Hospital ship, 18 gun, 501bm, 117 x 31.5ft. Purchased 21.11.1739. Served West Indies and South America. Sold 18.12.1744.

SCARBOROUGH 6th Rate 20/24 gun, 442bm, 106 x 31ft. Perry, Blackwall, 31.5.1740. Served West Indies, present at La Guaira and Puerto Cabello actions (The war of Jenkin's ear). Then North Sea and Scottish coasts during 1745 Scottish uprising. Sold 13.4.1749

SCARBOROUGH 6th Rate 20/22 gun, 433bm, 107.5 x 30.5ft. Blaydes, Hull, 17.4.1756. Engaged in several ship actions including Louisbourg 1758 and Quebec 1759. Foundered 5.10.1780 during hurricane at San Domingo, West Indies.

SCARBOROUGH 3rd Rate 74 gun, 1,745bm, 176 x 48.5ft. Graham, Harwich, 29.3.1812. Flagship of Rear Admiral John Ferrier on the North Sea station. Fitted for ordinary at Sheerness in 1814 then in 1817 laid up at Sheerness and roofed over fore and aft. Sold at Deptford, September 1836.

SCARBOROUGH Hastings Class Sloop, 1,045 tons, 250 x 34ft, 2 - 4 inch guns. Swan Hunter 14.3.1930. Converted to unarmed survey vessel before conversion back to armed sloop for WWII. sold 3.6.1949; Stockton Ship & Salvage Co.

SCARBOROUGH Whitby Class, Type 12, 1st Rate Anti Submarine Frigate, 2,150 tons, 360 x 41ft, 31 knots (max), 29 knots sea speed. 2 - 4.5 inch guns (twin turret), 2 - 40mm. guns Bofors AA (twin), 2 Limbo three barreled depth charge mortars, 12 A/S torpedo tubes. Vickers Armstrong, Tyne, 4.4.1955. Sold Pakistan 1975, but not taken over. Blyth 31.8.1977 for breaking up.

Other Scarborough Named Ships


COUNTESS OF SCARBOROUGH 20 guns, hired November 1777 - Captain Thomas Piercy.
17 June 1779 Countess of Scarborough and Medea took the French privateers Due de la Vauguyon and Comte de Maurepas.
23 September 1779 Countess of Scarborough taken by the French 26 gun Pallas, part of a combined French and American squadron commanded by John Paul Jones off Flamborough Head.
An excellent detailed account of the action can be found at the US Naval Academy website.

SCARBOROUGH Convict transport ship of 430 tons, built at Scarborough in 1782.
She formed part of the First Fleet, which commenced European settlement of Australia in 1788.
Other Scarborough named East Indiamen details are available at Wikipedia - Scarborough ships.


Acrylic painting depicting the Scarborough built Australia First Fleet convict transport ship Scarborough by Marine Artist Frank Allen. (Frank Allen's website)

Further details of the Scarborough and the other ships which took part in the transportation of convicts to Australia can be found at the First Fleet Fellowship website.

Stern Paddle Steamer Scarborough


The 'Scarborough' Stern Paddle Steamer is an example of the type of ship used on the African rivers during the days of Mungo Park and the exploration of Africa by Europeans. Most of the river craft were built in Britain and re-assembled on site but some larger vessels steamed from Britain under their own power.

SCARBOROUGH Side Paddle Steamer. The Flickr website (Philip Sizer) has two photographs of the Scarborough, built Blackwall 1866, by Lewis and stockwell, 142 gross tonnage, Length 149.8 ft, Owners United Steam Packet Company Ltd. Gainsboro. Passenger vessel east coast and rivers until 1914. Used as an Admiralty water supply vessel during WW1. In 1910 and 1915 she was owned by East Coast Passenger Services Ltd., Hull and in 1920 she was owned by Theodor Shipping Co. Ltd., Newcastle. British Register closed 1922.

Paddle Steamer 'Scarborough' on the river Trent  Philip Sizer -  Flickr

SCARBOROUGH Trawler, built 1897, steel, screw steamer, built Mackie & Thomson, Govan. 1st Owner Hagerup and Doughty, (GY266). Hired by the Admiralty 1915 - 1919 as a minesweeper. Subsequent owners: 1925 Consolidated Fisheries, Lowestoft. 1937 Don Trawling Co, Milford Haven. 1945 Cranbrook Shipping Co Ltd, (LT136). Sold for breaking up 1952. Scottish Built Ships Website.
Trawler Scarborough LT136 - By kind permission of John Stevenson

SCARBOROUGH CASTLE Built by Fleming & Ferguson, at Paisley; begun 1944,laid down as the corvette HMS Scarborough Castle. Launched 8 September 1944 and completed January 1945 as convoy rescue ship (Empire Peacemaker). HMS Scarborough Castle - The ship that never was. Click on this link for further details.

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