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HMS Scarborough

HMS Scarborough, Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta, G.C.

F63 Type 12, Whitby Class Frigate

Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta G.C.

H.M.S. Scarborough Badge

H.M.S. Scarborough A first rate anti-submarine, Type 12, Whitby Class frigate, Laid down 11 September 1953, built by Vickers Armstrong at Newcastle-upon-Tyne and launched on the 4th April 1955 by the Countess of Scarborough. Commissioned 10th May 1957. Decommissioned and paid off 7th August 1972. 1974 Sale to Pakistan cancelled. 31st August 1977 Blyth Shipbreakers.

Commanding Officers  
7.11.1955 Lieut. Commander E F Davies
26.2.1957 Commander E A S Manners DSC RN
1958 Commander N E F Dalrymple-Hamilton MVO MBS DSC RN
1.10.1958 Commander C W Eason
1959 Captain M Usherwood RN
1959 Captain D G Clutterbuck RN
29.5.1959 Captain Jozef Bartosik CB DSC RN
1.5.1961 Commander P W Buchanan
10.2.1964 Lieut. Commander K E Maun
1964 Captain R.S. Forrest RN
20.9.1965 Lieut. Commander M L Tudor-Craig
14.12.1967 Captain I.S.S. Mackay RN
6.8.1968 Captain V M Howard
07.1969 Captain O. Nigel A. Cecil RN
15.2.1970 Captain W J Graham

The details of command appointments are culled from various sources and are the dates of appointment or joining. These dates may be subject to possible errors and if so any corrections would be gratefully received by contacting the Webmaster.
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HMS Scarborough at Garden Island, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 1958.

HMS SCARBOROUGH 1958 alongside at Garden Island, Sydney, NSW.
She had been taking part in "Operation Grapple" during the Christmas Island Hydrogen Bomb Tests.
Photograph taken by Roger Eastwood, and kindly submitted by his son Geoff Eastwood for the unofficial RAN Centenary 1911-2011 photostream at Horatio J Kookaburra's Flickr Account.

Ship Details  
Displacement 2,150 tons
Length 370ft o/a
Beam 41ft
Draught 17ft
Propulsion 2 Babcock and Wilcox boilers
2 English Electric steam turbines
Speed 30 knots
Range 370 tons oil fuel, 4,200nm
7,780km at 12 knots
Complement 152 - 225
Armament 1 x twin 4.5in gun Mk6
1 x twin 40mm Bofors gun Mk2 STAAG later
1 x single 40mm Bofors gun Mk7
A/S Weaponry  2 x Limbo A/S mortar Mk10
12 x 21in A/S torpedo tubes

HMS Scarborough leaving Taranto, Italy, 3rd April 1962.

H.M.S. Scarborough led a very busy life, as the Leader (Captain F5) of the 5th Frigate Squadron she circumnavigated the globe visiting many countries and taking part in some important world events. Including the Atomic Bomb Tests (operation Grapple) at Christmas Island in the Pacific (1958). Besides showing the flag H.M.S. Scarborough was involved in the usual naval training exercises and patrols including Icelandic patrols during the Cod War. From April 1964 until paying off in 1972 H.M.S. Scarborough was Leader of the 17th Frigate Squadron which included H.M.S. Tenby, H.M.S. Torquay and H.M.S. Eastbourne (Dartmouth Training Squadron) responsible for providing sea training for young officer cadets, engine room artificers and Royal Marine officers from Britain and also officer cadets from many other countries.
Some more photographs relating to the "Around The World" commission kindly provided by the Royal Navy Museum Portsmouth can be found by visiting the following pages:
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Freedom of Scarborough Town casket given to Captain Piercy of the 'Countess of Scarborough'

During her many commissions and naval duties she managed to visit her adopted home town in August 1962, June 1971 and May 1972 when she paid a farewell visit prior to decommissioning, leaving in the town's safe keeping the 'Freedom of Scarborough' casket presented to Thomas Piercy, Commanding Officer of H.M.S. Countess of Scarborough, following the engagement with a squadron of ships commanded by John Paul Jones off Flamborough Head in 1779.

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